Best honeymoon places to visit in Europe in 2020

Heading for your first romantic getaway as a married couple? We bring you finely honeymoon tour packages that will make for a memorable honeymoon, perfect way to celebrate your special bond. Though you would have taken a lot of stress for designing your wedding beautifully, now there is no need to worry about the added pressure of planning the ideal honeymoon.

There's something magical about these places in Europe, especially the winters here are even more captivating. The following countries are known for their alluring landscapes and romantic vibe, take a look at these countries and plan out a romantic honeymoon in the most. 

Famous for its quirky architectures, exquisite museums, pleasant climate throughout the year, Spain certainly is the most charming destination in Europe. 
  • Madrid- Honeymoon in Madrid, especially in winter, is all about exploring streets that have beautiful trees on both sides, vibrant markets and elegant handicrafts. At this time, there are fewer tourists, hence the chances of getting accommodations easily are higher. You can visit the beautiful attractions of Madrid without having to stand in long queues. Spend your honeymoon in this gorgeous place which is probably one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe.
  • Barcelona-  Barcelona, one of the famous cities in Spain is known for its architecture, culture, and passion for sports. There are a lot of tourists seen in summers but during winter this place gets less crowded, making it a perfect romantic getaway for couples! The exotic nightlife and the eccentric art will make your honeymoon extra special. If you are planning to have a romantic honeymoon, you can definitely count on this place.
  • Valencia- The Beautiful Old Town Of Spain-  While Barcelona and Madrid are the most explored cities, Valencia remains the hidden gem of the country. The city houses a large collection of beautiful paintings as well as exhibits contemporary art and photography. The city provides tourists with a beautiful beachside location. 


Right from its castles to its famous movie locations, this place is undoubtedly one of the romantic destinations in Europe.  
  • Vienna- Vienna is the capital of Austria, this place and is one of the best winter honeymoon destinations in Europe. Its intricate architectures and alluring sites will make your honeymoon even more romantic. Even a walk in this city will take you a whole new world where people have guarded their history and have taken their modernity to the newer extent.
  • Salzburg- the movie 'The Sound of Music' has used some locations in and around Salzburg, if you liked the movie, you already are a fan of this place. This place has become one of the best places in Austria over the years
  • Innsbruck- this place is considered as the winter sports center in Austria. Innsbruck could be your ultimate honeymoon destination as it brings comfort with the coziness of nature! You can witness the beautiful Christmas fair and an amazing New Year's eve in the winters.

Croatia -

One of the most romantic places in Europe definitely includes Croatia, a less-hyped, moderately populated yet a gorgeous place. 
  • Dubrovnik- one of the most romantic places in Croatia, Dubrovnik houses stunning electric-blue sea, fortified walls, and brick-red roofs. Explore this Mediterranean city with your partner, strolling around hand in hand witnessing the gorgeous gothic architectural marvels!
  • Split- Talking about the romantic cities in Croatia, Split is the most remarkable place! Being one of the oldest city, this place is a perfect example of maintaining the recentness and history. A walk through the cobbled pavements of the Old Town will take you back to vintage times. 
  • Zagreb- the gorgeous cafes in this city will have you tapping your feet and lift up your spirits on your honeymoon to Croatia. Tourists generally miss out on this place as the marvels of this destination are lesser-known. This favors the honeymooners as it would be less-hyped, making it a perfect honeymoon destination. 
Italy -

Be its delicious cuisine, popular artwork or ancient architects, it will not disappoint you. So make you visit the below-mentioned cities to enjoy your romantic honeymoon! 
Rome- This city houses multinational inspiring artwork and exhibits a Roman era. This destination is a gem for art enthusiasts and for all the history lovers. Rome is certainly a delight for all the newlywed couples. Venice- A  renowned canal cruise with your partner will surely make your honeymoon in Italy a memorable one! While you make your ride to cruise, make sure you witness the magnificent architecture around the canal and make the most of your journey.  Florence- Housed with beautiful art galleries this city surely lives up to its name. Good food, fine art, and love for fashion this Italian city has got everything to make your honeymoon super special.