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In Indonesia there are a lot of foods ranging from snacks, traditional, and street food which are all delicious and must be tried when you visit Indonesia. This time I will mention some street foods that are very popular. Usually street food is available at night. With a simple and charming appearance but the price is very affordable for all people. From rich or poor can certainly buy it.

1. SATE 
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Sate is a very popular street food that is loved by the majority of Indonesian people until now. This sate is made from chicken, mutton, and beef. And sate is also widely developed into several types from how to start making or sauce. There are sate made from thick peanut sauce and some are made from runny bean sauce. Padang sate usually uses thick sauce and uses beef. Process to make Sate are :
Blend the spice ingredients with a mortar or a blender. If necessary add a little oil to the blender to simplify the crushing process.
    Satay: Skewer every 4-5 slices of chicken with satai skewers. Set aside.
    Mix 2 tablespoons of cooking oil with a smooth spice, spread the satay with the seasoning until smooth.
    (The oil does not need to be added if you have added it while blending the spices).
    Let stand or store in the refrigerator for 1 hour so that the spices seep.

    Sauce: Puree chili, garlic and sugar. Add ground peanuts or Pinda Kaas, stir well.
    Add hot water and soy sauce. Stir well.
    Taste, if necessary add salt to taste.
    (Be careful when adding salt because sweet soy sauce also contains saltiness, so adding salt is sometimes unnecessary).

    Grill the satay on the hot coals or the electric grill or stove (with a frying pan or Teflon pan) while turning it over until it's cooked. Lift.
    Serve hot with sauce.
    Complete with sliced ​​cayenne pepper and onion if desired.

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 Kerak Telor is Traditional Food From DKI Jakarta, INDONESIA.
Process to make Kerak Telor are Make serundeng as a mixture and a sprinkling of egg crust by roasting. Saute ground spices until fragrant. Add grated coconut, salt, sugar and 2 tablespoons of fine ebi cooked over medium heat while stirring until the coconut is dry and brownish yellow in color. Lift then set aside.

     Heat the oil and saute the spices until fragrant.

     Pour 1½ tablespoons of white glutinous rice in a pan. Flush with 3 tablespoons of rice marinade and let it dry slightly.

     In a separate place, shake 1 duck egg, ½ teaspoon of sautéed spices, ½ teaspoon of ebi, ½ tablespoon of fried shallots, teh teaspoon of granulated sugar and ⅛ teaspoon of powdered salt.

     Flush the mixture over the sticky rice in a skillet and stir it evenly. Adjust thickness to taste. Cover the pan until done then turn the pan over the heat, let it cook until it's done.

     Sprinkle serundeng / roasted coconut and fried onions before serving.

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 Batagor is traditional food from Bandung, INDONESIA.
Process to make Batagor are : 
Prepare a clean container to knead the dough.
    Combine mashed mackerel, chives, salt and sugar. Mix with hands or spatula until evenly mixed.
    Add egg white then stir.
    Pour cold water little by little while continuing to knead the dough.
    Add sago flour little by little while continuing to stir, then add sago flour. Stir the mixture until even.
    Steam know first.
    Slice the middle part of the tofu or empty the middle part of the tofu so that it can be filled with dough.
    Put the mixture in the tofu also put the dough in the middle of the dumpling skin. Close the dumpling skin. Set aside.
    Beat 2 eggs and add a little salt.
    Tofu and dumpling skin that has been given the dough then enter into the egg.
    Prepare a frying pan. Fry batagor in hot oil with medium heat.
    Fry batagor until golden brown or ripe.
    Serve batagor with peanut sauce, soy sauce, chilli sauce, and lime juice.


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Kue Cubit is Traditional food from Jawa Barat. Size of Kue Cubit is very small but sweet with spread of meises.
Process to make Kue Cubit are :
Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy. Can use a mixer or whisk, optional.
Mix flour, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla and salt. Sifter Then add to the beaten egg little by little alternately with milk. Flour, milk, flour, milk. Until nothing is lumpy.
Finally add the melted butter and stir with a spatula. After being flat, cover the dough with a napkin and let stand for 30 minutes.
Then heat the mold that has been spread with butter or margarine. Pour mixture into half molds. Don't be full, it will expand. Give topping mesis or tastes. Cover briefly while peeping occasionally. Then lift and serve. * I like half-blind ### note: the fire is just small. So that it doesn't burn quickly.
Remove the pinch cake then serve it to the plate