Indonesia has a variety of spices typical of the archipelago. Not only that, the spices are processed into a variety of delicious dishes. From fried dishes, stir-frying, to friendly sauce on the tongue.
You can't doubt the taste of Nusantara cuisine. Moreover, the dishes that come from various regions in Indonesia. Here are some information about Indonesian special foods that can make you forget yourself! What the heck, let's take a look right away!

this article from IDN Times 

1. Bakso

 Clear soup dishes with stuffed fried meat balls, fried vegetables, fried foods, yellow noodles or glass noodles. Who doesn't like to eat meatballs? There's no way to refuse this one!

2. Soto

 With the yellow sauce, Soto is a favorite food in various places. In fact, there are various versions of Soto from several regions, you know! For example soto Banjar, soto Lamongan, soto Madura, and so forth.

3. Rawon

 Black sauce, rawon so delicious eaten with warm rice! Rawon, Indonesian special food in the form of black soup meat. One of the herbs used to make rawon is kepayang or kluwek.

4. Coto

 Almost similar to Rawon, Coto also has a slightly black broth. Makassar's special food, South Sulawesi, is made from beef innards which are boiled in a certain time. Have you tried it?

5. Sayur Asem

 Want to eat fresh soup dishes? Tamarind is the answer! Tamarind has various versions such as Jakarta Tamarind, Tamarind Vegetable or Tamarind Tamarind. Fresh soup really doesn't stop eating!